Located in the heart of Camigliatello Silano, a region known for the purest air in Europe, the company offers an outstanding range of products, divided into 4 lines:

  • A Chianca – Bio”: our top line. All ingredients, from meat to salt and spices, come from Italian certified organic farming: the Salumificio Falcone uses Italian pork meat or local black pork meat.
  • Linea Tradizionale” (traditional line): made in the traditional style with guaranteed certified Italian meat, creating a product that is entirely natural in taste and appearance. To further ensure quality, the product is traceable throughout the entire production process.
  • “Linea Falcone 1846”: this line of products is completely free of preservatives and undergoes a slow curing process to enhance its natural taste. All we add is a mixture of salt, Calabrian red pepper and wild aromatic spices.
  • “Linea Suinonero – L’Autentico Calabrese”. Made from the meat of the native “suinonero” (black pig), this line of products evokes the authenticity of the Sila region of Calabria, which is inherently suited for the creation of unique products of the highest quality.

Salumificio Falcone is dedicated to creating the highest quality products. We achieve this by carefully choosing only the finest Italian meats, sourcing black pigs raised in the wilderness of the Sila National Park, and harvesting spices grown in the fields of eastern Calabria. All of our products are hand-tied and dried slowly in a centuries-old traditional manner.

We like to say that we do not produce our products; we create them.

By respecting tradition, we enchant and delight our modern customers as they discover the authentic taste of history.